Parent Testimonials

One of our main concerns moving to the United States was to find a school for our children that could fulfill our needs as a Catholic family. When we found St. Charles School and began our communication, everyone was so wonderful and helpful. We knew we had made the right decision.

After these past 4 years that our kids have been at the St. Charles School, we could not be more proud of their spiritual and academic growth. We look forward to seeing our children graduate from St. Charles one day.

The school and parish community have been so helpful and supportive.  It is truly a blessing to be part of the St. Charles family.

~The Rivera Family

As a parent, I could go on for a long time about how great St. Charles School is! I’m often asked if I would recommend St. Charles for a school, and my answer is always YES! When deciding where to send our children to school a few years back, the answer became clear. We wanted to see the school and meet the kindergarten teacher before making a decision. We were welcomed with open arms and had a personal tour of St. Charles School and met the kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Dewitt even came over and introduced herself to our daughter first and got down to her level. My husband and I didn’t expect that and were completely blown away. 

At St. Charles School, we are known by our names, and we are always included in school events, even though we are a non-Catholic family.  Not once have we ever felt out of place! We chose St. Charles for the small class sizes, top notch educators doing what they love–teaching, and the personal attention my child needs and deserves! I know my child gets the best education possible, and the test scores truly reflect what an awesome job this school is doing!  I feel you could ask any parent of a child at St. Charles School (Catholic or non-Catholic family), and they would all say what an amazing school this is! 

Gabe and Dana Morris

My daughter has attended St. Charles School for the past two years. She landed in the care of St. Charles after completing preschool-sixth grade at Holy Trinity School, where our son attended kindergarten through eighth grade and where I taught junior high. A new career opportunity led me back to the Greenville area, which required us to look for a new school for our daughter, because the distance was no longer feasible to drive everyday. When we began looking into new options for our daughter, St. Charles was the first school on our list because of its faith-based education. Before making the commitment, I called former parents, spoke with former teachers and the current principal, and had my daughter visit. We decided it would be a good fit, and it is a decision we are happy we made, especially given the unusual circumstances of the past two school years.

At the start of the pandemic, when schools were required to shut down and take on virtual learning, the staff at St.Charles took the changes in stride and helped their students finish the year by providing support academically, spiritually, and emotionally. As the pandemic continued into a new school year, the Diocese of Grand Rapids remained committed to providing in-person instruction for students. St. Charles developed a game plan and when school started, the staff did everything they could to make sure students were safe, secure and successful during the school year. The staff juggled many different teaching formats: in-person, virtual, and all the in-betweens. They communicated effectively and even accommodated late pick-ups for our daughter. Through it all, they remained committed to the students and families of St. Charles School. 

I know the commitment and dedication required to teach at a Catholic school.There are long hours of planning lessons and grading papers. There are sleepless nights spent worrying about student health and learning struggles. There are countless prayers sent asking for guidance and direction, prayers of thanksgiving and hope, and silent prayers for strength and patience. I know the sacrifices these teachers make every day in order to provide a quality education for their students. I’m grateful for the dedicated staff of St. Charles School who choose to follow their calling to teach and inspire the students. Without people like them, Catholic schools would not exist, our communities would suffer, and faith would not flourish. If you are looking for a school where the staff will educate and love your child like they are their own, you have found the place.

~Jill Teegardin

We have two daughters that attend St. Charles School. My eldest started half way through first grade and needed extra help to catch up. Her teachers and principal were very involved and suggested tutoring for the summer.  She was able to enter second grade the next year and has excelled. Throughout our time at St. Charles, I have noticed the commitment all the teachers and staff have to each student. Whether your child needs extra attention or more advanced instruction, they work with all children to make sure their needs are met. Mrs. Rittersdorf treats students as her own, calming and comforting them if sick or injured. Mrs. Karpus, the principal, is dedicated to providing quality education and Catholic principles to the students.  Our girls are smart, kind, loving and Christ-centered because of our involvement with St. Charles.

We Love St. Charles School!

~Heather and Mark Warner, Annalise and Hannah

When asked “Why have you chosen to send your children to St. Charles School”, a flood of positive emotions came over us.  We have watched our children grow into beautiful disciples of Jesus Christ, excel academically and thoroughly enjoy waking up every morning and heading off to school.  Last week when a snow day was announced and we shared the news with our daughter, her response was “you’ve got to be kidding me; I really wanted to go”.  Our hearts were filled with joy as we prayed, “Thank you, Jesus”.

We value St. Charles Borromeo School because it is an extension of what we value most in our home, being disciples of Jesus Christ. We are grateful for the school, staff and other families for the following reasons:

  • There is a focus on helping each individual be the best version of themselves with Holy Scripture being the guide.
  • Virtuous living is the norm and incorporated into daily actions.
  • Individual coaching/mentoring is used to establish excellent work habits, to encourage team work, and to focus on academic excellence.
  • Staff strive to provide a peaceful environment that allows for each child’s maximum growth spiritually and academically.
  • The staff highly value communication between home and school.
  • There is an intentional approach to encourage each student to look beyond their individual needs to those of their family, school, community and world.  They identify service needs that the students and school community fulfill. 

We have never doubted the decision to send our children to St. Charles Borromeo School.  We pray that the school will continue to thrive and be available for generations to come.  

~Jim and Roberta Peacock