Grade 3

Welcome to Third Grade!

Hello, my name is Kelsea DeVries, the third-grade teacher.
I am a recent graduate from Ferris State University with a
bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. My husband and I have
been married for about two years, and we’ve recently bought a house
just outside the Greenville area. I enjoy spending my free time
reading, being outside, learning new things, and spending time with
family and friends. As a former St. Charles student, I am thrilled to
begin my teaching career within this wonderful community.

Kelsea DeVries 


Third Grade Supply List

  1. Backpack or Book Bag
  2. Earbuds
  3. 3 pocket folders 
  4. 1 composition book 
  5. 2 highlighters
  6. 1 box of colored pencils 
  7. 1 box of crayons
  8. 1 box of washable markers 
  9. 3 glue sticks 
  10. 2 dry erase markers 
  11. 12 or 24 pack of pencils- please no mechanical pencils 
  12. Tissue and paper towel . . . Not at this time! I will let you know when I need more. 🙂