Liturgy / Worship

The liturgy is one of the primary means through which the faith is communicated and inspired. The task of the Committee is to study the documents of the Church on the liturgy to gain a deeper understanding of it, and in light of this study, to determine whether the liturgy in our parish effectively communicates the faith. Then, the Committee communicates with other ministry leaders about changes that would contribute to the community’s growth in the faith.

For questions or more information please email Karin Kwiet-Darvill at

Liturgy / Worship Members

Mark Emmons
Kathleen Lally
Vickie Schneider
Carol Jasso
Marie Gasper
Karin Kwiet
Vickie Albert
Melanie Schmiedicke
Molly Boeheim
Tessa Hoffman

For contact information for any of the members please call either parish office. St. Charles (Monday-Friday) 616-754-4194 or St. Joseph (Tuesday and Thursday) 616-794-2145.

Liturgy and Worship minutes February 8, 2024