Becoming Catholic & Returning to the Catholic Faith

Becoming Catholic 

What is a seeker?  – a person who goes in search to discover answers to questions or seek solutions.  In the R.C.I.A Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults process we welcome seekers!  The process is intended to answer questions and guide seekers to discover what they may be searching for.  There is no commitment in joining the process.  After time with the group, time in prayer, and the nudging of the Holy Spirit, individuals may feel drawn to explore deeper a loving relationship with Jesus.  Follow this link for more information:

Click here for more information about R.C.I.A.


Returning to the Faith

Maybe you started out life as a Catholic, maybe you have even celebrate all your sacraments and then… something changed.  People drift away for many different reasons.  It could be a divorce, disillusionment of the Church, boredom, or a deep hurt.  We are here to welcome you back!  Returning to the Faith is a safe place where you can ask questions, learn more about faith and share stories.   The team is made up of warm, non-judgmental and fun people.  For more information contact Molly Boeheim at (616)754-4194 ext. 125 or email Molly at