Holy Orders

About the Sacrament

Those who receive the sacrament of Holy Orders – as a deacon, priest or bishop – are consecrated in Christ’s name “to feed the Church by the word and the grace of God.”

“The discernment of a vocation is above all the fruit of an intimate dialogue between the Lord and his disciples. Young people, if they know how to pray, can be trusted to know what to do with God’s call.”

~ Pope Benedict XVI, Response to questions by the bishops of the United States in Washington, D.C., April 16, 2008

To learn more about life as a priest, call Father Jim Wyse or Father Bauer at (616) 754-4194. For more information about the sacrament of Holy Orders please contact  Rev. Ronald Hutchinson, Director of Vocations, Diocese of Grand Rapids at (616) 669-9778.

Diocese of Grand Rapids – Office of Priestly Vocations