Employment Opportunities

Posted 6-15-23

St. Charles Borromeo – Greenville

2023- 2024 School year

Seventh and eighth grade teacher with a strong focus on science/STEM.  Teaching responsibilities will also include math, religion, history and ELA.

This candidate should be a practicing Catholic and meet the standards of highly qualified with a current Michigan teaching certificate. The candidate should be comfortable integrating technology into his or her instruction.  Flexibility, creativity and problem solving skills are essential.  The applicant must be able to work collaboratively with the teaching staff and be able to carry out the philosophy and mission of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School. In addition, the applicant must have excellent classroom management skills.

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, resume, and references to:

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School

Attention:  Margaret Karpus

502 S. Franklin St.

Greenville, MI 48838

Email to:  principal@saintscjm.com

Posted 6-7-23

St. Charles School is taking applications for a part time Administrative Assistant position beginning in August. 

Primary Function:  The qualified candidate must be able to orderly maintain all functions of the school office. In addition, be able to perform all duties deemed necessary by the Administrator. 

Qualifications:  The successful candidate must be able to work collaboratively with all staff to carry out the mission of St. Charles Catholic School. He or she must be of a character that models the values of our Catholic school. The candidate has to pay attention to detail, be organized, work independently, be dependable, be a team player, understand the rules of confidentiality, and understand that their demeanor will make a first impression on visitors to the school. 

For a more detailed list of responsibilities, please contact the school office. 

Interested candidates can send their letter of interest, resume and references to:  

Margaret Karpus, Principal

St. Charles School

502 S. Franklin St.

Greenville, MI 48838