Liturgical Ministries

These ministries play a vital and meaningful role during our weekend and holy day Masses.  They help to draw parishioners in the sacraments we celebrate while praising God. Please contact your parish office (St. Charles: 754-4194 or St. Joseph- St. Mary: 794-2145) for more information.

To View the Liturgical Ministry Monthly Schedules, you may use the links below.

4:30 PM at St. Joseph July~September 2021

7 PM at St. Charles July~September 2021

8:30 AM at St. Mary – July~September 2021

11 AM at St. Charles July ~ September 2021

4:30 PM at St. Joseph- October ~ December 2021

7 PM at St. Charles- October ~ January 1, 2022

8:30 AM at St. Mary- October ~ December 2021

11 AM at St. Charles- October ~ January 2, 2022

We are happy to be together at Mass again! Thank you all for your flexibility and understanding as we all work together to worship safely. Call either parish office with any questions. St. Charles 616-754-4194 or St. Joseph 616-794-2145.



Called to Serve….

All members of our parish are called to serve, to contribute to the vibrancy of our parishes and to grow spiritually!  Prayerfully consider signing up to be involved with our liturgical ministries.

Please stop by the Information Hub to learn more about these ministries and to inquire about training sessions.  For  questions, contact Rosemary Klackle (, (616) 835-7239).