YM3: Youth Ministry


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Jake & Melanie Schmiedicke
(616) 754-4194 ext. 33

YM3 is at St. Joseph on Sunday evenings.  All 9th-12th graders, including rising freshman and rising college freshman, and friends are invited to join us from 5:30-7:30 at St. Joseph.

We are both honored and excited to have the opportunity to serve the youth of our community by being the YM3 coordinators this coming year! We hope to use our experiences as college campus missionaries, teachers, and lifelong Catholics to share the treasures of our Faith with the teens and to help them come to know God’s amazing love for each of them. Lived to the fullest, the Catholic life is the best life, as our relationship with God should inform everything that we do – whether it be studying for classes, working a job, or hanging out with friends. We look forward to living the great adventure of the Catholic life with the young men and women of our community.   

YM3 2021-22

Good to see those of you who came to the kickoff party, we had fun!  – even though we got a little drenched at the end of the evening, that storm sure kicked up fast…

Anyway, as per usual, our regular classes will pick up on Sunday evenings, 5:30-7:30 at St. Joe’s upstairs.

This semester, we will hopefully finish our journey through YOU: a Theology of the Body for Teens. It covers a lot of important topics, so I’m determined to get through it before we move on to something else. Hopefully, we should be able to finish it up by Christmas break, and then I’d like to move on to a program on The Creed that covers the fundamentals of our faith, get back to basics.

Attached is our schedule for the year as it stands so far, I’ll keep you abreast of any changes.

Feel free to reach out with any suggestions, questions, or anything else that might be on your mind. I’m looking forward to a good year!

YM3 Schedule 2021-2022