BeFriender Ministries

The role of a BeFriender is to be a companion on the journey, through listening, presence, and compassion.

BeFriender ministers bring with them the caring presence of God and the community.  Our Catholic Community currently has 5 active BeFrienders with several more who are about to begin the training process. BeFrienders are companions on life’s journey when one of us needs that kind of support for any number of reasons.  Some need BeFrienders because of job loss, grief over the loss of a spouse or family member, illness, single parenting, divorce or loneliness.

BeFrienders go through a training process that guides them to understanding issues around confidentiality, healthy boundaries, good listening skills and empathy.  All of the BeFrienders gather once a month to pray, to support one another’s ministry and to experience ongoing training.

If you are interested in becoming a BeFriender please contact Molly Boeheim at (616) 754-4194 ext. 125.  If you would like to talk to a BeFriender, please call Fr. Jim or Molly Boeheim at (616) 754-4194.