Landings – Welcoming Returning Catholics

Landings IS:

  • a safe harbor or landing place for returning Catholics to explore their faith and future with the Church.
  • a group of six to eight active Catholics who welcome two or three returning Catholics to share and explore faith together.
  • people in solidarity with the returning, who in their own lives have “returned,” and continue to “return.”
  • founded on the belief that we do not have to be trained theologians to share what we believe and to speak honestly about our faith, trusting in the Holy Spirit.

Landings IS NOT:

  • the “saved” welcoming the “sinners”;
  • people pressuring others to return;
  • full of answers to teach the “unenlightened”;
  • blind to the hurt the Church may have caused someone…

Landings offers Returning Catholics:

  • a supportive community within which he/she can ask questions, discuss issues, deal with difficulties;
  • an opportunity to be with ordinary Catholics who are trying to live their faith;
  • a safe environment to come to terms with recent changes within the Church and themselves.

Landings offers Active Catholics:

  • a chance to participate in the Church’s evangelization mission by opening their hearts to those who’ve been away;
  • an opportunity to share their time and faith;
  • a chance to grow and learn from the spiritual journeys of one another.

To learn more about coming home to the Catholic Church, please call Molly Boeheim at (616) 754-4194 ext. 125 or email