Lenten Challenge 2022

As We Journey the Way with Jesus to the Cross

 Each year when Lent arrives we can be surprised or ready.  This year we want to challenge you to join us on this journey with Jesus to the Cross with our Lenten Challenge.  Think of it as training for our spiritual muscles.  It can be “heavy lifting” or “gentle stretching” depending on where you are at in your relationship with Jesus.  The three areas we focus on each year are Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving.  We have some hints to help your Lenten Challenge be fruitful and inspiring.

See the Purple Guide to the Plan
Extra copies are available at each church.

Pick up your WAU in the gathering spaces. Through the articles and daily readings, you will explore the idea that God Has Chosen You to be his special possession.  Do you believe it?  Wouldn’t it be great if you knew this without a doubt? Wouldn’t it be great if you become more convinced that he has appointed you to fulfill a mission that only you can do? Wouldn’t it be great if you become more confident that this mission would bear fruit in the world?  That would be an excellent Lent!

This Lent, enjoy the riches of God’s Word with free emailed Daily Reflections from Dr. Tim Gray. Sign up to receive daily emails at daily.formed.org

Best Lent Ever from Dynamic Catholic has two paths to choose from that includes daily inspirational emails, a book, and e-journal to download  sign up at dynamiccatholic.com/lent.html

The first pathway is a series titled: The Generosity Habit. You are called to live a life of staggering  generosity. Most of us think a generous life requires money and things. But it doesn’t. This series, along with the The Generosity Habit book will prove it to you. As you build the life-changing habit of daily generosity, the book will take you deeper, break down your old views of generosity, and provide 101 creative new ways to live generously each day!

Alongside The Generosity Habit is a series titled: Difficult Teachings: The 40 Most Challenging Teachings of Jesus.
We tend to ignore, avoid or downplay Jesus’ more difficult teachings, but these are often the ones with the greatest power to change our lives. This series will help you face them head on. Extend your BEST LENT EVER beyond Easter with a book that will give you the space to sit with Jesus’ greatest wisdom, see his most stunning advice in a new light, and discover the personal challenge he has for you and your life!

As a faith community we can combine our Lenten Challenge by going to Facebook weekly to tally our yes’s for doing our challenges.  Look for the weekly poll posts. (You must have a Facebook account to use this feature. If you don’t have an account please pick up a tally sheet from the Narthex.)