Bible Study

The purpose is to help parish adults break open the Bible to more fully understand its message, its context, and how it relates to their lives. We will have day and evening groups to accommodate busy schedules.

Would you like to join a Bible Study? Contact the parish office at 616-754-4194.

Adult Faith Formation Small Groups coming in the Fall

We have had small groups in our parishes for years.  They typically have been groups of 5-10 people led by a facilitator doing a Bible Study, using materials recommended by our Adult Faith Formation coordinator. While the topic or study has been the same for all the small groups, the individual groups choose the time and location to meet that works for them, purchase their study guides, and the coordinator provides the schedule and DVDs for use.  In addition, there are other small groups that have formed flowing out of Cursillo retreats and parent groups of schoolchildren.

If you have been part of a small group, invite someone new to join you.  If you haven’t, be open to the great benefits of starting a group or joining an existing group.  We live in a challenging world that needs the goodness, truth, and beauty of the Catholic Church.  We can grow in our knowledge of this so as to be holy witnesses in our homes, parishes, and community.

Registration begins in September

Please email  Molly at if you are  interested in joining a group.